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Ugh, I wish I could get the time I've wasted back from his drama. my blood has been boiling and rising and I have yelled once really loud because of Myung Yi. hoping for the better but then I am utterly disappointed the way this drama ended :( I loved the start but it was too fast more dating scenes should have been shown.I wish the writer made it into 24 episodes instead so there would be enough time for story development and esp closure Like Sun Nyeo's giving birth at her wedding w/ Pedro Kiyoung and Taeyun's romance and eventually conceiving again and Dan is ring bearer to their wedding Ara's homecoming and remarriage of Yunhee and Iljong and she stays in Korea Nurse Jung and Junyong dates and gets married Kiyoung's mom story like finding a good man and also marries Myungyi and Euncha find solace w/ one another and she gets pregnant with twins and they get married too THEN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A REAL "THE GREATEST MARRIAGE" BECAUSE EVERYONE EVENTUALLY MARRIES AND HAS A HAPPY ENDING!!!!!!And then from then on it was just a bunch of bullshit added in to make the drama longer! ❤❤❤❤ Divorce people or who has been in bad relation in real, do not remarry as the law is messy and cumbersome when split up.

and she also cared about him, and he was so cute with the child and then nothing.. aargh i so disappointed, i want to punch someone in the face this drama started off great loved it. Watch a couple of eps so you can see how great this actress is and then read what happens after that Is that the end? So now, im just trying to make myaelfbelievethat he ends up with No min woo oppa. i live in uk so we have our own problems, changing korean does not mean there is no bais or fairness, just means a change in culture Does it mean when two people are holding hands, they ended up together. Viewers are to use their imagination and they are the ones to create their own ending for this drama..!! Sorry, my only opinion, we are all entitled to our own. I loved the ending for CKY because it wasnt PREDICTABLE like most korean dramas. Guys, try not to be a spoiler maker I liked the ending, they seem happy. Its a rushed ending that's not really satisfying...

i like the fact it made me hate character so much cause they did a great job of getting you so upset. So at first, I kind of understood what was going on, but at the end, the whole kidnapping Dan and so on, I was so confused. I've seen better ones, and honestly it didn't connect to the plot at all. I though CKY wasn't going to end up with PTY, but at the end you clearly see him and her holding hands walking with Dan and JEC. To be honest CKY should have never went back to PTY...

She could've handed the paper that both she and Tae-yeon hand signed after the wedding to the jury and things would've been better. But even though the finale felt rushed, it was realistic. Although I do believe there should have been more (or just 1 more) eps to tie up some loose ends. He got elected so if the fortune telling is right, she is going out with him.

-.- I think the author or director doesn't know what they're doing. To me, No min ho marries her as they hold hands at the end and there is not any reason for her to marry Jo Eun-Cha, as they wanted to marry just for their needs of each other - to be elected and have the custody of the child and not love - and those problems have been solved at the end. i've never seen a drama as frustrating as this one!! Tae has no chance as she said he had his moment, but can be a father to his son. I had so many questions, that I decided to call it a day and never watch it again.


Aigooo my emotional investment was for nothing huhuhu ;(((( I'm on episode 13 and it's all a bit too much.

I was so excited for this drama and then it fell flat. I thought that after this problem was solved, it would be over and done with, but no. I loved the the theme, but the plot just bothered me. I think ot was a conclusion of them starting over and creating their dream being a family. And i found it weird when he said he treated her terribly because he was jealous that she gave all her attention to Dan...

HMY main's objective was to find and save her family from debt, sadly they werent able to cover her full story and rushed her exit. well the ending sucks and the whole drama is too confusing they didnt focus on the love story of the 3 of them and the ending really sucks why would the ending be like that it seems like the kid have 2 fathers i rate the characters 7/10 i like the characters cause their good but the plot and the ending ill rate it 1/10 too confusing lol I think the writers intentionally left out the ending so the viewers can create one based on the ground they stand on. I just saw 12 episodes, but now I dont want see more, because I know the end. In the first place PTY pushed her away and tried to ruin her life when all this time CKY tried to make things right with him.... lol There is a lot to the story line that needs to be added. He doesn't know how to communicate with others period!

The characters must be totally stupid to fall for all the blatant deception and corruption going on. The ending was so darn shitty that I think this drama shouldn't even be made in the first place.

So beyond belief and logic, I'm somewhat disappointed The path this drama has taken. The whole thing was rushed right after she had the baby!

I wish they added another episode to see what occurs through their daily lives again. The ending is not clear ...the story is refreshing. First of all, is that how it is the condition in south korea?