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nother invite and another attempt to decipher the sometimes daunting dress code.

With categories like White Tie, Black Tie, and Lounge, it can be overwhelming and confusing at times.

The fact that the word “optional” is in the title is only begging for confusion.

These formal trousers can either be tightened with adjustable side tabs or held up by white suspenders that are worn under the waistcoat.We should note that proportions are very important when it comes to full dress.You’re most likely to run into this category at weddings, stylish events, formal dinners, and galas.This variation on the standard Black Tie category allows the party to get started with a little festivity.Also known as “full dress,” the White Tie dress code is the rarest and most formal of them all.

Even the White House only has a couple White Tie events in a year.

A variation on the traditional Black Tie dress code is Warm Weather Black Tie which features a white jacket instead of black and is sometimes called upon for summer formal events.

Formal or evening weddings, company awards dinners, and some private dinners are all occasions that may require you to don a tuxedo.

You don’t want your peers to get the impression that you’re as clueless as a pimply teenager.

A classic black tuxedo is still the standard at these events.

The trousers are high-waisted (by today’s standards) and the waistcoat must cover the waistband of the trousers but cannot extend below the front of the tailcoat.