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The Talmud authorizes and sanctifies sexual intercourse between adults and very young children, including homosexual intercourse.Has Rabbi Lapin neglected to tell Concerned Women for America about those Jewish doctrines?The people to come to my defense, and in defense of G-d's laws, have been basically Christian Protestant.'" (33) Perhaps the explanation for Dr.

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The US House of Representatives went on to pass a resolution unanimously rejecting the study. How does she reconcile Jewish law with her largely non-Jewish audience?'I always say to callers, according to Jewish law, this is the law; let's see how we can extrapolate to your situation.' Dr.Depending on the son's age — is he older than eight years? Our Rabbis taught: If a woman sported lewdly with her young son [a minor], and he committed the first stage of cohabitation with her — Beth Shammai [Sages] say, he thereby renders her unfit to the priesthood. — Sanhedrin 69b Such practice is foreign to the standards of most Americans. You can help in the battle for Truth, Justice, and the American Way! Print your favorite essays and give them to those not on the Internet.Fight the forces of censorship and suppression of the Talmud, and bring about understanding between peoples of different faiths. Make CDs and distribute them to friends, neighbors, ministers, and community leaders. Flyers advertising can be distributed throughout your community.Genuine Come and Hear™ CDs do not contain executable programs.

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Levine's book, saying it advocated sex between children and adults. Levine on the Roman Catholic pedophilia scandal: "'Yes, conceivably, absolutely' a boy's sexual experience with a priest could be positive."(19) Ms. Moshe Bryski at the Chabad of Conejo in Agoura Hills, California. Laura published in the Jewish Homemaker states: "Her approach has earned her the respect of her largely Christian audience, which sees in her a kindred spirit.

Levine later said the reporter had misunderstood her. Laura Schlessinger, radio talk show host, is a Jewish "good guy." She is one of the most prominent Orthodox Jews in America, and famous for her denunciation of homosexuality. Laura attacked a study of pederasty, published in Psychological Bulletin in 1998, claiming it advocated sex between children and adults. 'People have a newfound respect and understanding for Judaism,' she says …

Homosexuality is only a capital offense when committed between consenting adult males.

Talmud law also authorizes adult men to have sexual intercourse with girls three years old and younger. (15) Married in 1999, these consenting adults would be put to death under Talmud law.

Season 1, Episode 1January 8, 2014A real-estate agent learns that the admirer she met online is actually a violent psychopath in the premiere of this true-crime series chronicling stories of deception.