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Under the cover of fighting ISIS, you focused instead over the past three years on fighting the Syrian Kurds.

Several credible reports suggest that you have been buying oil from ISIS, thereby aiding them financially as well as in their recruitment efforts by allowing thousands of volunteers to cross the Turkish border into Syria to join their ranks. Bribery charges have implicated municipal employees, businessmen, the sons of three of your ministers, and your own son.

You turned a blind eye to ISIS’ heinous crimes because their Islamic credentials mattered more to you than the lives of thousands of innocent people. Rather than taking these charges seriously, you dismissed high-ranking officials who are pursuing the investigation.

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This is not a reality that you care to recognize; you deny it to suit your inflated ego about the wonder of Turkey’s economic miracle.You flagrantly abolished the State Security Courts, violated the rights of defenders and detainees, restored police brutality, and put civil and political rights in free play.My hope is that Turkey can still be saved from your tyrannical reign that has transformed Turkey into a police state, divided its citizenry, and wrecked what’s left of its democracy.You had a historic opportunity to offer a model of Islamic democracy to the Arab world in the wake of the Arab Spring.Thirsty for insatiable power, you have pushed to amend the constitution to codify the president’s absolute authority while eliminating the office of the Prime Minister.

You have made the parliament nothing more than a rubber stamp to pass any laws that you desire to promote your personal agenda.

You emasculated the military, which has served as the custodian of a secular and democratic country, using NATO’s demand to subordinate the military to the civilian authority as an excuse.

With no compunction, you discharged nearly 3,000 officers while assuming the prerogative to issue direct orders to the heads of all military branches, to prevent the military from ousting you from power and prosecuting you for pursuing an Islamic agenda, the way they prosecuted three of your predecessors.

You have chosen this destructive path at the pinnacle of your career, when you could have left a historic mark on Turkey’s future that rivals even Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

The list of your transgressions is painful but necessary to numerate because their magnitude has far-reaching implications on Turkey and may well doom its prospect of capturing its rightful place on the world’s stage.

You masterfully exploited it – calling it a “gift from God” – in order to rid yourself of your opponents, enacting a purge and spreading fear and anxiety throughout the country.