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There are always trade-offs for each choice you make in designing your KMZ.

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But this is only OK for crude display of low-resolution raster files and with some approximated geo-positionning : GM uses Mercator projection and GE Plate Carrée (geographical) projection : as the size of the chart is important, you will see it's quite long (or even impossible) to view the map using kml embedded raster file solution : so the basic overlayer in GM is not appropriate in this case without any raster tiling solutions.So nautical charts can be viewed online with advanced quilting process (mosaic image with removed borders -map collars- for a seamless rendering display of multiple charts), zooming in and out, panning in a continuous way for selecting the specified map scale automatically (so the appropriate map), by simply sliding the mouse roll, with full transparency management via layer opacity sliders (for terrestrial maps and orthophoto overlay) and Google local search (marinas, harbour services...)ICES European fishing zones : data from International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) : original data in shapefile (ICES statistical rectangles provided by DIFRES Danish Fisheries and Research Institute).This is similar to the way that web browsers allow you to save complete web pages, including images and style sheets, or just the HTML for a single web page.Here's a video covering some of the basics of KMZ files: Using KMZ Files for Offline Projects (2/2) The tips above are designed to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls and questions you might run into.created by Mark Sponsler, a self-taught surf meteorologist and a big wave surfer this tools consits of obtaining parallel profiles across the survey area introducing on the map 2 geographical points (generally perpendicular to the general trend of the shore) and an uniformly-spacing distance between a selected number of profiles possibility to save the result in Olex format, kml for Google Earth display or CVS for spreadsheet and to play with a simulation tool to help to manage the reduction of costs involved with echo soundings (calculating ETA on waypoints introducing boat speed for each leg) Bundle for weather data (Surface, SPC and NWS Convective Watches and Warnings, soundings, radar, satellite, hurricanes.

Great Lakes data, Ocean data, fire weather, air quality index, historical Event.) : over 6,400 shipwrecks and over 7,000 other obstructions found in coastal US waterways, contained in the 'Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information System' (AWOIS) of the NOAA's Office of Coast Survey Collection of high resolution maps for World Wind application depicting a wide array of oceanic characteristics and properties.11/21/2006 : Google gives the ability to show simple kml/kmz files (as made in GE) in GM : so you can add your own imagery directly on top of GM.To view a kml or kmz file on GM, just go to GM, and instead of searching for a geographical address, search for a complete web address (including the " part) of your kmz file.You can easily create KMZ files using Google Earth.When you save a placemark or folder from your Places panel you have the choice to save your content as a KMZ file or a KML file.These coastal low tide orthophotographies (different from those presented on the Geoportail french national geoportal) covering all the Atlantic and Channel French littoral area represents 31.34 Gb of Mr Sid compressed image data (322 Gb in Geo TIFF format)from Brest Metropole Oceane : tiles originally in Lambert I / NGF (jpeg format) available under Creatice Commons license (Brest Moulin Blanc Harbour with Oceanopolis, aerial photo realized in september 2004 -resolution : 20 cm-) data from SHOM : French aerial photos of the French Atlantic (252 pictures from Spanish border to Saint Malo) and Mediterranean (648 pictures) coasts (GE markers with direct hyperlinks to French Hydrographic Service website which sells these photos in high resolution -30 x 40 cm or 40 x 50 cm format-) data from Francecoastline (2006) : about 15000 French aerial photos of the all the French coasts (Channel, Atlantic and Medterranean) (GE markers with direct hyperlinks to Pascal Le Fichant website which sells these photos in high resolution - 45 x 30 cm or 30 x 20 cm professional quality paper-) data from 1yachtua : Mediterranean nautical charts including different scales maps (Port Monaco 000 / Menton 1 : 20000) originally in GIF format, Mercator projection / ED50, manually georeferenced The original chart has been cut horizontally in several pieces to keep its original resolution in GE v.3 because of the size of the raster chart leading to significant slowdowns : waiting a possible implementation in Google Earth of ISO-standard JPEG2000 image compression format storing geo-location metadata (using for example some KMLJP2 implementation such as GMLJP2 Open GIS GML grammar...)About 1018 NOAA raster nautical charts (RNC/BSB/KAP format) stored in the Geo Garage can be viewed online with Google Maps (public access) or Google Earth (private access) with advanced quilting process (mosaic image with removed borders -map collars- for a seamless rendering display of multiple charts).