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They are making progress in terms of the sisters’ facilities, and we may see something more concrete next year – and Allah knows best.

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I know there are women who teach as well, and I’m sure there are some prominent people of knowledge amongst them, but they don’t have a really open role, and the major halaqaat are still taught by the male scholars.” So if sisters can learn the Arabic language (which can also be done while they are there in Madeenah via private tuition) they can then “attend” the halaqahs by the noble shaykhs at Masjid An-Nabawi.

As for Umm Al-Qura University, then sisters can apply here as they do cater for sisters.

Madinah University only caters for brothers and brothers only.

Madinah University May be planning to extend their University to also accept female students.

The classroom assistant is a woman who makes sure they all behave themselves.

There is an amazing 3 year course which is taught in this manner by some of the major scholars in Madinah.

Sisters would, however, need to apply with their mahram or already have a mahram living in Makkah throughout her time there.

Unlike the other three universities, Umm Al-Qura is not solely an Islamic University, it is just like any other university in Saudi Arabia, however one of its departments/faculties is Islamic Studies.

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For those who do not have any mahrams in saudi, then another way is to get your mahram (husband, brother, father, father-in-law, son etc.) to apply along with you.