Stop dating married men

While Donnay quite rightly refuses to unlink her Instagram from her Tinder because of the actions of a few creeps, Vix – a fashion blogger also based in London – told us that people’s incessant advances prompted her to remove her snaps from her profile.

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Last Updated: 20 I am one of those “Oops, I’m pregnant” guys.

The girl I was seeing could not afford so see a doctor due to just moving down from another city.

No matter what I wanted, she was keeping the baby, and she told me I was going to pay child support. She is close to double what she should weight, because of that we don’t have sex and we are together only for the kids. Her mother is a fat cow as is her sister, all three are 200 pounds plus. I could pay child support for 18 years or help raise a boy to be a man, which I did. One day at home, I saw my checking account was a bit on the low side, so I took ,000 out of savings and put in into the checking account.

I thought to myself that maybe this was how it was supposed to be. I now have 3 sons by her, whom I love and I am proud of. I was away for 6 weeks, and I had been to another site for 3 weeks, so for almost 3 months I was gone close to 80% of the time.

Keep it in the app, and we can all have a great time.

uk have reached out to Tinder for a statement, and will update this piece if we hear back.

Vix ended up receiving emails from one particularly thirsty reject, in a remarkably gross invasion of privacy. Tinder gives you the freedom to not match with people who don’t interest you. By emailing me you are encroaching on that right, being a creep and invading my personal space.”‘ Remarkably, but perhaps unsurprisingly, even that didn’t put this guy off: ‘He responded that he thought if I just got to know him, I’d see we are a great match.

‘The man in question had looked at my linked Instagram profile, followed me on Twitter AND then got my email address,’ she tells uk. I told him to never think he was entitled to time or space from a woman just because he thought like that.’ Vix’s thoughts are echoed by another comms executive, who asked remain nameless.

Quick request – stop doing this, you creepy weirdos.

a segment I like to call, "boys who don't have a chance that found me on tinder and decided to slide into the instagram DM's" ZPYVVx MA — lindsay bluth (@karuhganlee) December 9, 2016, usually through some gross intrusion of privacy. These acts aren’t cute or endearing, they’re downright intrusive.

1 card was maxed out at ,500, a second at ,500, with others adding up for a total of ,000 in charges.