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Jakarta has been trying hard but unsuccessfully to counteract the MSG move.

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"We demand Australia [leave] because it has sabotaged our territorial waters and taken [our] oil from East Timor's territory", explained action coordinator Nelson Pereira.

According to Nelson, starting in 1971 Australia began holding illegal negotiations with Indonesia over the maritime area referred to as the Timor Gap without ever inviting the people of then Portuguese Timor to participate.

"The Australian government received profits of US0 million which were never enjoyed by the Timorese people.

And these oil reserves are almost exhausted", he explained.

"So based on this, the agreement that has continued to be used up until this day is in fact illegal", asserted Nelson.

With regard to the exploitation of oil, Nelson explained that the Laminaria-Carollina oil fields have been exploited by more than 100 million barrels by Australian Petroleum, BHP and Shell.

That got off to a shaky start when the Papua Governor Lukas Enembe described it as a political ploy and declined to attend the signing ceremony.

In February, 5000 people gathered to give their support to a new office for the ULMWP in Wamena in the Highlands.

Solomon's diplomat Barrett Salato used his slot at this month's Geneva Human Rights Council to plead for Indonesia to address a litany of human rights issues in West Papua – torture, arbitrary arrests, limitations on freedom of expression, racial discrimination and demographic marginalisation.

Peaceful resistance has escalated in West Papua over the past year, spurred on by feisty West Papua campaigns all around the Pacific.

Indonesian police promptly took the ULMWP sign down and began to threaten and intimidate the activists who had organised the event.