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When Ric finds out that Rocco stabbed Sally, Ric beats him up.Rocco is later found dead and Ric is charged and found guilty of murder. Matilda and Lucas Holden visit Johnny and trick him into admitting involvement in Rocco's death. Ric and Matilda have a few arguments over trust and believing that she kissed Reuben.

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The murder charges are dropped when his father's cause of death is confirmed to be a heart attack.

Ric agrees to move in with Alf, but Ric leaves when Alf thinks he is taking drugs.

He keeps in contact with Cassie and she moves in to Sally and Flynn's when her grandmother dies. Ric becomes annoyed when his old friend Callan Sherman gets close to Matilda.

He tries to prove that Callan is a drug user and also used date rape drugs on girls.

Morag Bellingham informs Ric that it is likely he will be charged with his father's murder. Flynn attempts to track him down, but when Leah Patterson-Baker and Dan Baker are involved in a plane crash he helps them.

Flynn detains Ric and reveals that Alf Stewart is his grandfather.

They bond when he shares his problems about Matilda.

Ric tells Viv he cannot see her after Matilda becomes jealous, but Matilda sees them kiss.

He made his first appearance on-screen on the 15 September and made his final appearance on 24 July 2008.

Ric arrives to attend Summer Bay High after he is excluded from his previous school in Yabbie Creek.

They later kiss but Ric sees it as a bit of fun, Sally makes him realise that he should distance himself from her to save her feelings.