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You can live chat with our nurses on: Hi The short answer is no.To be on the safe side we recommend that you do not have sex until: one week after your 1-day treatment; or your 7-day treatment is complete, and your sex partner(s) have also been treated, even if their test results are negative.I'm seconds from speaking yet still not sure what to say. Maybe the woman from the bar is at home feeling the exact same way.But just as I take a breath, she's pushing her finished drink deeper into the bar, giving her friend a hug and walking out of the bar. What would I say to her if we could talk right now?While condoms reduce the chance of passing chlamydia and gonorrhea, there is still a possibility of passing them even when a...

Red Oasis Dating is an online dating site that attracts many different users from all walks of life.I knew she was testing me to see if I was cheap or if I'd spend it on her. All I ask is for my date—and for myself—to show up mentally unaccompanied, so we can both spend the whole night discovering what exactly we do like about each other.Before I turned 30, I registered words and concepts, but I hadn't yet learned how to truly focus when a woman was speaking, how to stop my brain from shuffling through other thoughts like: Where should we go after dinner? How is this date going—maybe I shouldn't have ridiculed people who are overly enthusiastic about yogurt?As a result, I can certainly tell when the woman I'm with is herself mentally distracted.Her eyes are everywhere but on my face, and her hands are busy with her hair or the napkin on the table. Her job, her art, her hobby, her rescue dog, her family, her Ford Focus (if she can pull that off).It's a jug band, which is exactly what it sounds like: a few guys drawing bassy notes out of empty jugs while another guy plays a guitar made out of a cigar box.