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All manner of bumps and blemishes are absorbed by the suspension making for exceptionally pleasant long-range cruising. The Amarok equipped with comfort suspension made light work of nasty potholes and corrugated roads.

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All Volkswagen Amaroks fitted with the new automatic transmission are paired with the permanent 4Motion all-wheel drive with a torsion differential as opposed to the 4Motion system with selectable four-wheel drive.It’s a more than capable system, as our dual-cab Highline auto model demonstrated in the Flinders sand dunes.At times it was easy to forget we had a reasonably bulky load in the tray, such was the Amarok’s wonderfully balanced on-road behaviour.Despite the absence of a space-cab body with the useful addition of a couple of Dickie seats in the rear cab, there’s actually quite a lot of luggage space behind the driver and front passenger seats of the single-cab version - enough for four overnight bags or plenty of tools and a set of golf clubs.The ride comfort on board the Volkswagen Amarok with the standard-fit heavy-duty suspension package is mostly well sorted, although our dual-cab 4Motion Trendline model (without load) displayed some rear-end fidgetiness over sections of uneven bitumen, but without upsetting the vehicle’s excellent on-road balance.

For those Amarok customers not requiring the full payload capacity of up to 1197kg, there’s always the no-charge option of the ‘comfort suspension’ package as fitted to the Volkswagen Amarok TDI420 4WD Highline auto we also covered on the launch program.But that still leaves Amarok without a space-cab body – a popular choice for buyers requiring more passenger space, and one offered by most other manufacturers in the segment.Although Volkswagen Australia’s director of commercial vehicles, Philip Clark, has ruled out a space-cab version for now, he told Car Advice the Amarok range would continue to offer new products each year.It’s a system that effectively reduces the number of leaf springs from three to two, and the difference in general ride comfort cannot be overstated.The downside is that in this guise the Volkswagen Amarok’s payload is reduced to 960kg (from 1014kg), but the ride quality is close to car-like.There’s a sequential manual mode available for particularly steep ascents or descents (there’s also a hill-descent control function), but we found automatic mode to be more than capable of handling most off-road situations and surprisingly proficient in moderately difficult off-road terrain.