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To explicitly specify the Wild Fly Swarm fractions your application uses, instead of relying on auto-detection, Wild Fly Swarm includes a set of BOMs (bill of materials) which you can use instead of having to track and update Maven artifact versions in several places.

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In the event that your fraction is merged into core, you will want to possibly also support auto-detection.

Every application built with Wild Fly Swarm has a many configurable options.

Weld comes with a special mode for application development.

When the development mode is enabled, certain built-in tools, which facilitate the development of CDI applications, are available.

Please do not ship binary weapons saved in X-Plane 11 betas in your add-ons.

Bug fixes for third parties: PB5 is an emergency release containing a bug fix for pixel shader issues on Nvidia hardware.There is an adapter for Wild Fly Swarm that makes Arquillian-based testing work well with Wild Fly Swarm–based applications.package holds other classes that should not be considered either part of the front-end API of the fraction exposed to users, nor a part of the back-end components to configure the server.Even hough setting properties using the Maven plugin is not recommended, it is useful for temporarily changing a configuration item for a single launch of your application.You can customize an environment-specific setting or experiment with configuration items before committing them to YAML.Wild Fly Swarm is capable of producing so-called file that includes everything you need to execute your application.