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The 22 portraits in the book are closely cropped highlighting the tattoos of the prisoners, each creatively and individually marked with MS-13.While the gang is located in North, Central and South America, most members have a Salvadoran ethnic background.

Shibuya, Hinton’s first book with Belford documented commuters in the morning and evening rush hours at Shibuya station in Tokyo.

inmates are tested on arrival and quarantined until the results are read.

INCREDIBLE pictures show the tattooed faces of El Salvador’s most notorious gang.

Photographer Adam Hinton has released a new book featuring intimate portraits of members of the dangerous MS -13 gang who reside inside one of the country’s bulging prisons.

As a result, his family lost a wonderful son, devoted father, nurturing brother, loving spouse, caring friend and a dedicated professional who enjoyed his work as a correctional officer.

Topic: The Club House / Losing control Well seems it is a nationwide trend…which I strangely find comforting….I thought it was just that way here in NY as it is so liberal. have yet to see a woman running from trouble but have seen my fair share of shameless men run away or pretend they didnt hear the radio call.Also more than once I have heard our more senior veterans state they would rather have certain female Officers respond over the male officers in the area.He said: “The men stand around aimless with nothing to do except kill what seems like an infinity of minutes, hours and days.“The vast majority of the inmates are from the Barrios or slums.Just food for thought :) Topic: The Club House / Women working in Corrections arzkttn….